Draculas are a type of orchid. The orchid genus Dracula consists of 123 species. The strange name Dracula literally means "little dragon", referring to the strange aspect of the two long spurs of the sepals. They were once included in the genus Masdevallia, but became a separate genus in 1978. This genus has some of the more bizarre and well-known species of the subtribe Pleurothallidinae.

Dracula inexperata - © Daniel Jimenez

Culure of Dracula Orchids


Generally, draculas demand cool growing temperatures. A handful of draculas can tolerate slightly higher temperatures, altough most cannot. Take note of the origin of the paticular plants you are growing for a hint on their temperature requirements. Higher elevation plants tend to thrive in an a cooler environment than lower elevantion plants. In general, a range of 55 - 70 F is good for draculas. Try to avoid temperatures above 80 F for a sustained period of time. If higher temperatures cannot be avoided, ensure that the night temperatures drop at least 10 degrees to give your draculas a break.


Draculas tend to be happy anywhere from 600 - 1500 foot candles of light. However, some folks have been known to successfully grow draculas a bit "harder" with up to 2000 footcandles of light.

Air Movement

A subtle breeze will keep your draculas happy and will help keep the bacterial infections away.


A very light feeding of a well balanced fertilizer will keep your draculas blooming. Too much fertilizer will cause the tips of leaves to turn brown or black. A feeding of 100 ppm N every other watering or 2 out of 3 waterings is ideal.

Water Quality

Draculas require a high quality water. An investment in an RO system will make your draculas happy. Rain water is also good. Try to keep your water below 50 ppm TDS, if possible.


Humidity is one of the most important factors in successfully growing draculas. A range of 80% - 90% is ideal.

How to Maintain a Dracula Orchid Garden

Though the Dracula orchid is named after the scary vampire from Transylvania, the flower is far from horrific. In fact, it's one of the most beautiful and most romantic flowers that you can have in your garden. So how exactly does one grow this kind of flower in his or her garden?

Let's first talk about the conditions that the Dracula orchid can grow in. For one, it grows well in areas that have very high humidity like in tropical countries. The temperature has to vary between 40 to 60 degrees for the orchid to survive. It can't live in a country that's too hot or too cold. It also thrives in mossy areas because the moss keeps the plant cool but stores in the humid air. It also doesn't like to have too much light, which is probably one of the reasons why it was named Dracula.

If you want to grow your orchid in your lawn, then it's good if you are able to fulfill all the conditions made below.

First, make sure that your Dracula orchids are surrounded with white sphagnum moss that can help keep the air around the orchids humid but at the same time cool. Since they don't like too much light, make sure you cover them with a light covering like a roof or an umbrella to block most of the light from directly hitting them. I prefer building a roof over these flowers since they can grow really long and eventually an umbrella may not suffice.

In order to grow Dracula orchids, it's best that you have a small to medium sized lawn because you'd best hang your Dracula orchids instead of leaving them with the other plants since these orchids prefer special conditions. Have a roof ready for your orchids and grow them in a hanging pot. Make sure that the pot is hung under the roof. This is more practical than building a big lawn so that you can separate the Dracula orchids from the other flowers. You also won't need a special mower for big lawns. For example, finding a well price zero turn mower can really serve your needs well. You can just use the classical manual lawn mowers or even the cordless electric lawn mowers and mow like normal since you don't have to worry too much about your Dracula orchids being affected. As long as you are able to satisfy all of those conditions, your orchid will be able to grow well.

The Perfect Dracula Flower for Your Bedroom

Not only do Dracula orchids look amazing in the lawn, but they can also look amazing indoors especially in the bedroom. If you're planning on a romantic night with your significant other, adding some of these orchids as a decoration can definitely spice things up. The dark and subtle aesthetic appeal of the Dracula orchid gives a sensual and relaxing vibes that are good for couples who want to make the mood a bit more romantic for the night. So how exactly do you decorate your Dracula orchids to make your bedroom more romantic? That will really depend on your style and creativity. We'll give you a few tips and some ideas on how to get creative with your Draculas.

Beside the Bed

The first way to decorate your bedroom would be to simply add some small potted Dracula orchids in your room. You can put them on your bedside table to add to the whole vibe. Place a few pots to give that classy look to the place. Just imagine, lying there on your very firm mattress and admiring the wonderful array of flowers in front of you.

Wall Decors

If you don't mind plucking out your orchids, you could press them and make them wall decorations. You can frame them up with a wood background to give it a dark and mysterious vibe which is good for the mood.

Spread on the Bed

You can also place some Dracula orchids on the bed instead of rose petals. Though this idea may sound really nice, a lot of people opt not to do it because it's really hard to grow Dracula orchids.

On the Hot Tub

If you have a hot tub, then you could surround it with some potted Dracula orchids, open a bottle of wine and take a dip with your significant other.

These are just a few ideas that you can use if you're planning on having that romantic night with your partner.

Dracula Flowers in the Living Room

Because of its beautiful design, the Dracula orchid has always been a flower associated with calmness and relaxation. This is why Dracula orchids are one of the most preferred choices of flowers to put in the living room. Since the living room is a place for relaxation and peace, this flower adds to the whole vibe of the place, making you able to just sit down and relax.

When you put your Dracula orchids in your living room, just choose a few places where you can put your potted orchids. Some good places would be on your living room table as a centerpiece, on top of your drawers, or even on the floor if you want. If you have a few of them in your living, it will really give you a very relaxing environment as it is very pleasing to the eyes and also good for your health in general.

If you're looking for a decoration that can help make your living room look and feel relaxing and calm, why not try some Dracula orchids? These beautiful flowers can definitely give you the best feeling of calm when you sit on your luxury reclining chair and enjoy the peacefulness.